Top 3 reasons why administrators love our AX Performance Dashboard

Reason 1:  Easily identify current performance issues

The first step to solve performance issues is to identify the cause, and this is the administrator’s worst headache. This is because performance issues can occur because of a multitude of different reasons and it can also be due to a combination of events.

The pic below shows how our Performance Dashboard built for Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012. As you can see you get an overall picture of your system in simple KPI scores from 1 to 10 which are aggregated into hourly, daily and weekly values.

Performance Dashboard built for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Double clicking on the line in the grid reopens the form in a more detailed level. Information is now shown per hour for a selected day. You can then compare events in your system to the actual performance indicators of our dashboard to identify any correlations. Kaya Performance Dashboard collects information from the environment and the Dynamics AX 2012 application regarding:

  • SQL Server Database
  • Application Object Server
  • Batch Processing
  • Forms
  • WCF Services

Reason 2: Quickly react for any unexpected performance issues or situations

Our AX Performance Dashboard add-in allows to configure warning and critical values for a large number of measure types like, but not limited to  AOS and SQL. The values indicate when an alert should be generated in the system and the particular user to be notified of it. Warning and critical values can be set up for a number of measure types. When an alert is created in the system a user can access from the Dynamics AX 2012 Client. If the alert was generated by the performance dashboard module it will be accessible from the mobile application that we are currently developing.

Reason 3: Generate daily health check reports

Our advanced System Reporting enables you to do robust reporting to understand how your system is being used. Data is used to create and tailor reports to meet your specific needs. These reports will you assist in understanding and analysing use of the system and can report information such as when different types of users access the system, how they use the system, and if any automated tasks affect performance. Alternatively, you can ask us to help you and we will provide you with an action plan within 7 days.

Dick Wenning

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