Digital Transformation by Kaya Consulting

Digital transformation is about your ability to adjust quickly to a constantly changing environment. Next generation intelligent business applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Uniconta offers you the opportunity to introduce new business models.

Whether it’s improving the performance of your sales team with new technology, the use of predictive marketing (machine learning), arranging an omni-channel strategy or streamlining business processes throughout the value chain, Kaya Consulting helps you to give that competitive edge to do more using the next generation business applications. In contrast with separate ERP, CRM and e-Commerce and POS models of the past, organisations will now be able to enjoy the benefits of a seamless experience across all applications.

Digital Transformation

Kaya Consulting helps organisations with their Digital Transformation by using technology based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Uniconta and a variety of our own add-ons. Those companies where Kaya consulting helped with the digital transformation are now the leaders in their markets.


BI and Advanced Analytics

BI & Advanced Analytics transforms information into insights enabling to make smarter decisions that drive strategy and improve business performance. BI & Advanced Analytics activities range from the visualization of information up to the world of Predictive Business Analytics, Descriptive Modeling and Analysis of Unstructured Data using Machine Learning.

Management Consulting

Guiding customers with up-to-date knowledge and expertise making the right decisions when it comes to the right solution, the right business approach, is the field of expertise of our management consultants.

Our Industry Focus

Retail & Wholesale

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Give your salespeople the product and customer information they need to provide immediate, personalized service across social media, mobile sites, stores, and other retail touch points.

Professional Services

Fast-track your business performance

Get a live view of all your numbers and data analytics from Dynamics 365 for Enterprises. This cloud-based Microsoft ERP system provides the relevant information you need to deliver strategic, data-driven insights to key departments.


Work smarter with connected operations

Get visibility across connected distribution, customer service, sales, and marketing systems so you can innovate your products and processes to meet rising expectations.

We are ready to help you with your digital transformation

Let’s work together to create the best value for your business. We are ready !

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