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When it comes to offshore development services there is a certain amount of mixed feelings. It is not an easy decision to entrust a third party with delivering to your customer on your behalf. The quality of service must be such that as far as the customer is concerned the transition between supplier and offshore partner is seamless. In my opinion there are three essential ingredients that are equally important in ensuring offshore development is a success. These are Quality, Location and Cost.

Quality is essential when it comes outsourcing your development requirements. This is even more critical in Microsoft Dynamics AX where developers require highly specialised know-how and skills. Often an excessive push towards keeping down costs comes at the expense of quality. At Kaya Consulting, all of our developers have a minimum of 3 years’ experience and have worked on several large-scale implementations. Being also educators (, we also pride ourselves in having the best trained and most up-to-date developers, all of whom having the required Microsoft certifications.

While quality is generally accepted as an important criterion in offshoring, location is often disregarded. Distance, different time zones, communication barriers and cultural differences between the project team and the offshore team are all major obstacles that could easily make the whole offshore exercise not worth your while. None of these issues exist if you choose Kaya Consulting as your outsourcing partner. Our offshore development team is ideally located in Malta, at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. With English as a native language, the stability of the EU legislative framework, Euro currency and daily flights to all major European destinations the term near-shoring could not be typified any better.

There are many doubts as to whether it is possible to find quality offshore development services from a location close to home at an affordable price. Cost of living and taxes in Western European countries are so high that is very difficult for a company to cover its salary overheads while keeping rates low. In Malta however we are still able to offer rates that are highly competitive.

Therefore, if you want to get the best of both worlds with high quality Microsoft Dynamics AX development and technical consultancy at affordable rates without venturing too far away from home, Kaya Consulting is the answer for you. Give us a call on +356 2743 8888 or send us an email at to learn more about our services and receive your personalized quote.

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