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Mobile applications have become part of our everyday lives. The catch-phrase “there is an app for that” represents the huge variety of solutions to fit one’s needs. On the other hand, when it comes to the needs of business, the situation is altogether different.

In the business world where relevant and actual information is playing a key role, having access to your company’s data while you are not at the office is crucial. Business decisions are not limited to office hours, are they?

In Microsoft Dynamics AX there is a plethora of business processes and huge amounts of data you could take advantage of, if only you have had the right tool! But exploring app stores only brings disappointment: there are some apps from Microsoft that can cover timesheets, expenses and approvals and almost no apps from independent parties.

Here at Kaya we see this as a gap which we can fill by combining our expertise in MS Dynamics AX with our knowledge in a broad range of Microsoft technologies. Therefore our innovative Solutions teams has embarked on developing a suite of mobile apps for Dynamics AX.

We are also all about sharing with you, our friends and colleagues in the community, so I would like to use this space to explain some basic concepts of 3-tier mobile application development for Ax 2012 as introduced by Microsoft.

Mobile client.

The Mobile client can be developed as a cross-platform web-based html5 solution or as a separate interface for every platform e.g. iOS, android, windows phone and so on. Both these approaches have their pros and cons and are a subject for a separate article.

Middle-tier WCF service

Windows Azure Service Bus and its relayed messaging capability to expose the on-premises service to mobile clients.

Web service.

Ax AIF service which operates business logic and communicates data to and from the AX 2012 database.


Image from MSDN

More info here

Setting up certificates for the secure connection in Azure may be a bit tricky but in the end you should be able to start packet exchange between your app and Service Bus.

Watch this space for exciting announcements and developments from our Kaya Solutions team. The first mobile product to hit the shelves will be a mobile version of our popular Performance Dashboard. This will bring an entirely new dimension to the app, allowing you to monitor and tune performance wherever you are.

Meanwhile, should you wish to learn more about what we are doing or have any requirement with which we might be able to help you, do get in touch with us!

Stanislav Esyunin

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