Kaya Consulting is building Turkish localisation for Dynamics AX7

Founded in 2000 by Peter van den Brink, Kaya Consulting is a Microsoft Partner which extends Microsoft’s vision of helping businesses ‘Do More’. Our headquarters are in the Netherlands and we have offices in Turkey, Malta, Belgium and Estonia.

We built our success based on your successes

We are a strategic Microsoft implementation partner and we deliver knowledge and expertise for all functional domains within and related to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Kaya Consulting works closely with Microsoft and also participated in the Microsoft International AX7 Test Team. We have expertise in AX7, and we are collaborating with Microsoft Turkey where will share our knowledge with the Partners to enable them to deliver a top quality service.

We are here to help. We will not take up projects ourselves, we are sales support and not selling ourselves, we support the partners in getting the sells done. At the same time, we believe we can bring our international experience and expertise to help you deliver the big implementations. We want to be there for you throughout this journey of achieving your vision by providing you with the necessary support.


The Turkish localisation for Dynamics AX7

We attended the Technical conference in Redmond, where we met the Localisation team in person and we consolidated our close relationship with them. The team working on the Turkish localization is a multinational team comprising native Turkish speakers, AX7 experts, MVP’s, and experts on AX in Turkey.

We are also attending the Microsoft Business Solutions Summit 2016, on Wednesday 20th of April, in Istanbul, where we will talk more about the Turkish localization we are building.

Why did Microsoft choose Kaya Consulting for the localisation?

“Professionalism and knowledge. We do have a lot of knowledge about AX but also a lot of knowledge about the business process in a company. The moment we saw AX7 we knew what we have to do to make it a good working AX7 for the Turkish market. We talked with Microsoft and we told them about the procedure to get there, and the procedure that was necessary to stay there, getting to the top is not the problem, but staying there is.”- Peter van den Brink- CEO Kaya Consulting

How is Kaya Consulting working on the localisation?

We work closely with Microsoft for the localisation and the compliance will be assured by Big Four Auditor. We are collaborating closely with the Microsoft Translation team and we are using the Translation tool, offered by the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Localization and Translation Licensing Program to ensure labels use standard Microsoft terminology.

Agile Project Management

  • We are using an adaptation of the Microsoft SureStep Methodology
  • We broke down requirements to small manageable parts
  • The main advantage is that it will enable us to finish the localisation package in record time given that the latest version of AX has been released in February

Microsoft Visual Studio Online

  •  Is an amazing tool to develop our code, and provide visibility of the progress on each work item.
  • We used the Kanban Agile methodology

Management Reporter

  • We made sure that we made the best use of Management Reporter when designing the reports

LCS Solution

  • Microsoft’s strategy to shift to Solutions being sold through the Azure Market Place seeks to provide the ability to Partners to add on functionality to Microsoft products and reduce any conflicts due to interdependency of the said solutions.
  • We have developed the localisation through extensions and have limited over layering of the code as per Microsoft recommendations – benefit being that given Microsoft’s strategy to slowly lock the possibility of editing the core AX product and thus limiting future rework.
  • All business process changes have been recorded in LCS through BPMs (Business Process Models)


We are addressing and dealing with all the pain points in previous localisation packages therefore our focus is on:

  • Cheques, Exchange Rates, Fixed Assets as main areas
  • Regulatory and Commercial Requirements
  • Turkish language

All requirements are collected by Microsoft, Partners and Clients and there will be a Compliance Audit by a Big Four Auditor.

Microsoft Turkey has really pushed for the product to be easy to use. We used industry best practices to maximize the user experience and we are striving to make the best localization for Turkey.


Come and meet us and learn about the Turkish localization we are building for Dynamics AX7, by joining us at the Microsoft Business Solutions Summit 2016, on Wednesday 20th of April. Also don`t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive our latest blog content!

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  1. Sakir KarakayaFebruary 14, 2019   

    Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
    we are rolling out D365FO version 8.1.3 in several countries. One of the countries we want to rollout D365FO is Turkey and for this we need a Turkish localization. The scope of the Project is to implement all Finance Modules only and no other Modules like Sales etc. are implemented!
    Please let us know if you provide a localization package for Turkey and let us have the buying and/or subscription fees.
    Thanks & best reagrds
    Sakir Karakaya

  2. André Arnaud de CalavonFebruary 20, 2019   

    Hi Sakir,
    You can find a contact option for the solution on the Appsource. You can also send an email to info@kaya-consulting.com

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