Install enterprise portal on SharePoint 2013

It is an exciting day! Someone from MS Redmond (THANKS JARED, you are my  hero of the day!) told me to request KB2830441.

It is SharePoint 2013 integration. So I requested it like an ordinary Partner and slipstreamed it an AX 2012R2 Installation. Next I started a brand new Windows 2012 server (Hyper V), added it to our domain (4 Gb, 4 cores). And started installation. (slip stream)


Selected the EP role


Next this list appear, all with links that work, be aware the SharePoint download point to 2010 and the prerequisites to SharePoint 2013 CU. Her is the correct link for SharePoint 2013 foundation.



Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 The Microsoft Report Viewer includes Windows Forms and ASP.NET  web server controls for viewing reports designed using Microsoft reporting  technology. This component is required in order to view reports, print list  pages, and print forms from the Microsoft Dynamics AX client.
Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint Server is an integrated suite of server  capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing  comprehensive content management and enterprise search. SharePoint Foundation  is the underlying infrastructure for SharePoint Server.
Website (Microsoft SharePoint Central Administration) The Microsoft SharePoint Central Administration web site must be  running.
Required updates for SharePoint 2013 To install Enterprise Portal updates to SharePoint 2013 are  required. These updates will be released by the SharePoint team when  SharePoint 2013 becomes generally available (GA).

When You install it, use the Complete role, otherwise local SQL instances will arise!


Also don’t run the post installation wizard when installing SharePoint 2013. First install the CU1. From that point run the post installation wizard.


After installing CU1, start the wizard manual, from here the steps are similar to a SharePoint 2010 installation. You can cancel the SharePoint farm configuration and continue on the Enterprise Portal. And we have a EP running. When starting the EP, you get this warning


But, when running an upgrade for the new SharePoint 2013 features we get this, the Enterprise site template is not compatible to SharePoint 2013.  You can ignore this, reason,  this patch gives no new Enterprise portal team. Perhaps in the next KB fix.


In case you want to create a new subsite. it is still 2010 experience



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