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I see a lot of people having trouble with their labels in Dynamics AX. I will explain a little bit on how it works on the backend. The first thing you should know is that the label files are stored in the model.

This is handy, but there is a catch.  Restarting the AOS service can (or will?) override the *.ald (label) files. Sometimes you want to force this override of the label file. This can be done by deleting the *.ald files in the bin folder of the AOS service, when the AOS service is down. A restart of the service will regenerate the files.

The next step is: How do I get my labels in the model?

  • simply import them into the AOT. But don’t forget to place them in the correct Model.

How to make a net translation of your labels. Example I bought a solution with only EN-US labels.

Follow the steps below:

  • Duplicate the label file to for example ***nl.ald
  • Copy the content (ASCII) to a translation site, translate it, and paste the translated text back into the label file. (one might need to fix the layout a little bit)
  • Import the updated file with above steps.

This is also handy for running spell checks on the label files,  because this facility is not available in the label editor.

Final remark. The developer documentation label on the table properties must have description {locked}

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