Performance issues with table inheritance.

After developing for more than 1 year on AX 2012. I have seen the blesses and the blames of table inheritance. Let’s start on the blesses: Use always a query on your form with the option OnlyFetchActive. The buffer of the form will only be filled with fields that are used on the form.  But […]

upgrade to AX 2012 R2

I thought an upgrade from AX 2012 to AX 2012 R2 was easy My customer asks me if we could upgrade to R2. I should him no problem. But it had acutely more work than I expected. – There is country localization in the code every where – The kernel build number went to 6.2 […]

Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

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The postman dropt me finally the book ‘inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012’ I have read the first 200 pages of the 700 and I’m glad I bought the book. It is like a refresh of your knowledge, even when you are already working for 2 years with AX 2012. So order it and fill your […]

Dynamics AX Compatibility with SQL Server 2008 SP3 and R2 SP2

Perhaps you recognize this scenario. Dear customer please update to the latest service pack of SQL. You customer replies, are the supported? The answer is official not, but the current version is also not supported by the SQL team of Microsoft. So we have a deadlock, but to avoid the deadlock, sustained engineering has new […]

8 years being Dynamics Ax Developer trainer

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Ok here I am, looking at my glass of beer in a hotel in London.  Just a new week of business training for Dynamics AX developers.  It is only Development I and II yet the students think they can make it all! You look at their confidence and you think:  “When will there be their […]


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This story is a combination of different experiences and not descriptive of any recruiter My mobile phone is ringing. The number is from the UK.  I pick up the phone. Before I can even say my name someone starts talking on the other side: “Hello My name is ‘what Ever’, I call you for a […]

Cluster index

These days we have the surrogate key in AX 2012. In general it is a recid Index that acts as primary and cluster index. Theoretically this looks perfect as long as we develop in the AX 2012 style. But there is a catch to it. First you may think this index can’t get fragmented. This […]

Performance Dashboard.

In previous posts, I told that we have started a new business. This new business is an ISV solution for Performance monitoring in Dynamics AX. The product is getting there. The first reference customers are starting; 10 AOS instances and way too many sales orders, Batches and AIF Message queues. Etc. Monitoring these kinds of […]

Performance Guide

3 years ago I had an idea; writing a book about performance. Great Idea but, my co-writer started working for MS and had a lot of legal stuff, AX 2012 came along, and Publishers think that thing like Performance Guide for Dummies is possible. On the end; we had 90 pages of draft content and […]