Consume JSON and azure bus the easy way

As we all know, communication these days is still changing. We might think that the whole world is Microsoft and .Net. Well last month I have seen again that this is not the case. We had a customer who had a website running on Linux and programmed in Java, which we had to integrate with […]

Clean model store upgrade to CU 10

Feb 02, 2016 by Dick Wenning Category: AX2012, Uncategorized 2 comments Tags: AX2012

Clean model store upgrade to CU 10 We had a request from one of our customers running AX 2012 R3 to upgrade to CU10. There were already a few Knowledge Base articles (more than 50) installed in their current system. So what we did is to hook in on MS Dynamics Lifecycle Services and select […]

Top 3 reasons why administrators love our AX Performance Dashboard

Reason 1:  Easily identify current performance issues The first step to solve performance issues is to identify the cause, and this is the administrator’s worst headache. This is because performance issues can occur because of a multitude of different reasons and it can also be due to a combination of events.

Streamline installations

Streamline installations are supposed to make our lives easy, that is if they are properly configured. First question is how to make a streamline installation. These can be downloaded from One has to create a project. It is important that it is for the correct build (RTM, retail, R2 or R3). Next, scroll to […]


Yes just a new post about DMF, not really about how it works, just an update on the latest know issues. What you have to know: DMF AX2012 R2 and higher the staging table MUST have an one on one relation to the target Table. The menu item you select in the DMF wizard. Is […]

delete an AX 2012 R2 or R3 partition

We are able to delete a company in AX, but deleting a partition is not possible. So why not? It should be easy to create a partition and put data in it with tools like DMF, to enable us to create ad hoc demo / training partitions. Having played for a while with some SQL […]

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK_ModelElementData_ElementHandle’ with AX 2012R2 CU8

Last week, I was upgrading AX 2012 R2 CU7 to CU8 and ran into a model store error. The error was similar to It scared the hell out of me! First thing that came to mind was: is my model store corrupt in production? But the source of the problem was indeed different; found […]

Obsolete index

We all know indexes on AX tables will improve performance when querying these tables. There are all kinds of fancy features such as parameter sniffing, trace flags, etc. But if we look for example at the ledger Journal Trans table you will start thinking that maybe core dynamics AX has added too many indexes.

Get in control with Sharepoint DB names

1        Introduction When installing SharePoint 2010 a lot of additional DB’s are created. This can be nasty from maintenance point of view, especially when a Central SQL server is used. Take a look at the next picture. This shows the worst case of DB naming.  If these DB are stored on a central DB, you […]

Unretrieved values on the company info Table in AX 2012R2

Table inheritance in AX 2012 R2 is different on SQL level in case you compare it to AX2012. For people that don’t know what table inheritance is look at the next picture.