looking for an ERP or CRM?

An ERP system is the backbone of your information management strategy. A CRM solution helps you put your Clients at the centre of every decision made by your organisation. Microsoft is an industry leader in these solutions, with a product offering that is simple to learn and use so that you can deliver value faster, take advantage of business opportunities, and drive user involvement and innovation across the organisation.

looking for a Microsoft partner?

We can help you in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM and their ongoing support. We offer general services like consultancy, development, project management in the implementation or support of Dynamics AX and CRM - helping you to scale up or down when needed to meet changing business environments. Apart from that, we support round-the-clock operations and also deliver specialists with a deep knowledge of security and authorisations, performance tuning and system architecture. We ensure uninterrupted business operations and ongoing productivity improvement in your organisation at very competitive rates. Should you already be working with a Microsoft Partner, we can offer you a second opinion on your Dynamics implementation or support strategy.

looking for Dynamics AX training?

Tangible business ROI on any software implementation depends on a robust, ongoing training programme tailored to different types of users. With our team of Microsoft Certified Trainers and MVPs, we deliver training around the globe to end users and partners. Besides offering a full range of Microsoft approved courses, we provide tailor-made on-site classes and online training, giving you the flexibility to design your own training programme based on your needs.

Performance Dashboard

We developed a Performance Dashboard for Dynamics AX to monitor the performance of the system. With the collected data, we can solve any performance issues efficiently, thus increasing productivity. The dashboard, now also accessible via a multi-platform mobile app, will effectively locate where your system’s performance issues lie - whether this is in AX, SQL, network, servers, your other software etc. 

Data Validation Framework

With Kaya's Data Validation Framework for Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can setup additional validations and constraints without additional customizations in your environment. Maintaining the rules are simple, powerful and agile; it is possible to create rules for all legal entities, a single or a set of legal entities. 

Exflow AX

ExFlow AX is Microsoft Dynamics AX certified add-on module for Accounts Payable Automation. In contrast to other solutions, no integration is required as ExFlow is fully built into Microsoft Dynamics AX. Whilst available worldwide, we partnered up with Signup for its distribution in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

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