We proudly present…. Kaya Consulting Belgium!

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The idea for Kaya Consulting Belgium started a few months ago. During philosophizing conversations with Stefan van den Brink we came with the idea to start a Kaya in Belgium. After we had done market research, collecting and analyzing a lot of information, we can now announce that Kaya Consulting Belgium is a fact since the 1st of February (see blog Kaya going strong). I, Rony Cooremans, now am Managing Director of Kaya Consulting Belgium.

The current situation of Kaya Consulting Belgium is that we are quite busy with all the processes around the establishment of the new company. A lot of administrative work, public relations and meeting new colleagues were my daily business lately. Besides that I also did already some first conversations with new employees! Regarding to all these activities I found it time to introduce myself to my new colleague’s and relations of Kaya!

So first of all my name is Rony Cooremans. I have been working with Dynamics AX for over 11 years now. I started as a white collar in several consulting companies. The last few years I worked as an independent consultant. Kaya Consulting Belgium is a new challenging opportunity for me. I’m always focused on all technical aspects of AX. So if you need:

– A developer: Call me!
– An architect: Mail me!
– A team lead: Fax me!
– A technical Trainer: Yell Loudly!

Or better to say just contact me!


Contact details:

Kaya Consulting Belgium

Akkerwindelaan 19

8719 Beveren-Leie


Tel. +32 473 98 09 24

E-mail: rcooremans@kaya-consulting.com


See you soon in Belgium, with kind regards,

Rony Cooremans

Managing Director of Kaya Consulting Belgium

Kaya Consulting Belgie



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