Upgrade and Migration

Ask us for a quick scan service: We will tell you what is good, what needs to be upgraded, what can be optimized and where the risks are.

Upgrade and Migration

A flavor of an implementation can be the upgrade and/or migration to a new version of Microsoft Dynamics. Since Kaya is constantly investing in the knowledge of its employees to stay current, we have seen all versions of the product throughout the years and therefore aware of the effort to move from one to another version.

With this knowledge, we can offer a ‘best-path-to-walk’-plan before execution. Based on the tools used, we can present multiple scenarios to balance cost-effectiveness and quality and decide in joint effort with the customer.

After a major version upgrade it will be an idea to keep the environment current and evergreen by executing scheduled technical revision upgrades. Hopefully the use of cloud versions of the solution will make the upgrades obsolete in future. But until that time we are there for you.

upgrade and migration