Uniconta is Erik Damgaards new, lightning-fast cloud-based ERP system

Uniconta fulfills all your bookkeeping needs in one intuitive accounting program.

The simple, yet powerful, features give you complete overview of your company’s finances and can help make your business more efficient and profitable.

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Kaya consulting is official partner of Uniconta. Uniconta is the new cloud based ERP system, developerd by Erik Damgaard who also developed the first versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta). Uniconta supports over 29 languages and is already used by hundreds of companies in Europe. For more information see www.uniconta.nl

We sell and implement Uniconta focusing on companies who have a major ERP system implemented at HQ, but where the subsidiaries are in need of a more simple to use easier to implement and a more agile ERP system.

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Uniconta Integration

Kaya consulting specializes in integrating Uniconta with major ERP systems. We have developed integrations for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and Dynamics 365. Contact us for more information about how Uniconta can benefit your organisation.


Pricing of Uniconta is rather straight forward. All the information is stated here. You can try Uniconta free of charge by registering yourself. Also see our manual