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Microsoft’s Convergence is not a showcase of software products – it is an immersive experience which exposes you to rich insights on solving your business problems today, and how you can open up to future opportunities.

We at Kaya pride ourselves of being the Company to go to when you have Dynamics AX problems which others could not solve. How do we do that? We keep our ears on the ground and seek new perspectives on how technology is enabling businesses from different industries unlock their potential.

While other Partners are curious to see AX7 being showcased in more detail in preparation for the launch next year, we are more curious to see Microsoft’s AX marketing and sales strategy. I am saying this because we already have extended knowledge of AX7 from a functional and technical aspect since we have been very involved in the product testing.

We all know however that immersive product knowledge alone is not what makes you stand out in the crowd. The Convergence will help us gain further “outside-in” viewpoints on how we can use AX technology to solve your business problems and share Microsoft’s vision of helping you ‘Do More’.

Microsoft uses the words – ‘harnessing the power of ideas’ as one of the themes for the Convergence. I think that this is spot on. It presents attendees with the chance to discuss ideas, challenges and organisational synergies and turn them into business opportunities. We have extensive experience in working with other Microsoft Partners on various projects because we realised the benefits of organisational synergies.

If you are coming to the Convergence, make sure you drop us an email so we can book a timeslot or share a beer together in the after-hours.

Dates: 30 November to the 2nd December 2015

Place: The beautiful city of Barcelona


Clive Scerri

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