How to save 1 MILLION on your AX system

In my latest blog I showed you the options you have when it comes to updating your AX system. If you haven’t read that one yet check it out here. In this blog we will focus on the Stable Evergreen situation. This is the environment where you have an AX system that is customized to […]

Why System Updates Aren’t Always Necessary

In my last blog “Are those SLA’s a Fool’s Bargain?” I explained the service level agreement, which you signed with your implementing partner after you implemented a new system. However, this partner will tell you that system updates are necessary, but that`s not always the case. So let`s see what options do you have.

Are those SLAs a Fool’s Bargain?

Alright, a question for you guys. Have you ever heard of a SLA (service level agreement)? It’s the thing you agree on with your implementing partner after they have successfully implemented your new system. If you’ve come so far, congratulations. You’ve probably managed to overcome a lot of hiccups along the way but you made […]