Speed up data import with (data) entity execution parameters

This post will inform you about the Entity execution parameters which can be found on the Data import/export framework parameters form. It will give you an option for gaining performance when importing large number of records using the data management features.

Troubleshooting Data Import Export Framework

As promised in my previous blog post, I would write two blog posts with a summary from my presentation on the AXUG European Congress. In this post I will provide some tips related to troubleshooting Data Import Export Framework issues.

Tips about Data Import Export Framework performance

Last week I was a speaker on the first AXUG European Congress. This event took place on May 9 and 1o in Stuttgart. My session was about the Data Import Export Framework in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The subject was related to performance and troubleshooting. I decided to write a summary of the presentation in two […]

Change in Data import export framework – AX 2012 R3

Since the initial beta release of the Data Import/Export Framework, I was very pleased with the tool. During the years Microsoft did some great additional investments on this framework to help us import, export and migrate data using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. In this post I will inform you on a change that I experienced […]

Technical conference 2014 – remote summary

Unfortunately I am not able to attend the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical conference this edition. The contents of this conference is totally focused on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 which is expected to be released within 2 months. I was able to be part of the beta program for testing this new version and already had a […]

How to upgrade Data Import/Export Framework to AX2012 R2 CU7

Hi all, Recently Microsoft released CU7 for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R2. During testing of the beta version I came across an error when installing CU7 on top of AX2012 R2 where the Data Import/Export Framework (DIEF) was installed as well. I reported this to Microsoft and learned that DIEF would be part of CU7. The […]

Dynamics AX2012 Data Import/Export Framework – Wrong mapped fields

During preparation of a presentation about the new Data Import/Export Framework I came across an issue on the Customer entity when using AX as source data format. When the staging data is filled from the target some address fields (most of them) are filled in the wrong fields of the staging table.

Dynamics AX 2012 Data Import/Export Framework – released

Data Import/Export Framework replaces Data Migration Framework (beta). Some exiting new features are added within this release. It is now possible to have AX as the datasource. Also new is the possibility to export data. I also noticed that it is possible to have a table or composite entity as entity type within the target entities.