How to solve Microsoft Office Add-in authentication error in Dynamics 365 for Operations

However I’m currently extremely busy on several projects and also preparing some speaker sessions for a local Dynamics community and also the Summit EMEA 2017, I would like to share a solution to solve an authentication error when using the Microsoft Office Add-in. You will probably not face this issue when you are using machines in your own domain.

The problem

Using my own laptop accessing a test environment of a customer I wanted to Open the customers in Excel. In Dynamics 365 for Operations you can click the Office button to Export data or Open data in Excel. What is the difference between Export and Open here? Well, Export will create an Excel file with static data where Open will create an Excel file with embedded Office add-on to be able to refresh and also publish data back to Dynamics 365.

During login an Authentication error occurs for me when accessing this customer sandbox environment from my work laptop.

Looking at some error details the next error is raised:

AADSTS50058: A silent sign-in request was sent but no user is signed in. The cookies used to represent the user’s session were not sent in the request to Azure AD. This can happen if the user is using Internet Explorer or Edge, and the web app sending the silent sign-in request is in different IE security zone than the Azure AD endpoint ( Trace ID: ae185b5c-b397-4b49-b3d1-790e1c9a67aa Correlation ID: 04007e36-a31d-4968-92c5-3fe70bfa5f59

In simple words: My laptop is not part of the domain of the customer. When trying to login, you will then continuously notice the attempts fails. Again and again and again…

The solution

When you click the User menu, you will get a menu with the option to Sign out.

When you sign out, the next form will then be presented. Usually you will close a browser, but in this case, the login page is embedded in the Excel add-on. The User menu is not visible and at first sight, there is no option to continue. So we are a bit confused now…

When you click the form space a small menu icon will be presented which can  be used to open a Microsoft Dynamics menu. Then click Reload. You can also right click on the white space to get a pop-up menu with the option for reloading the page. The step to really sign out can be avoided. If you are able to open the Microsoft Dynamics menu, you just have to Reload the page to get rid of the silent sign-in attempt.

When the page is reloaded, you can sign-in with the required login credentials.

When you have provided the correct credentials, you can continue using the Excel add-on.


That’s all for now. Till next time!


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  1. Kevin SolanoMay 15, 2018   

    Does this stop from the problem from happening again?

    • André Arnaud de CalavonJune 12, 2018   

      Hi Kevin,

      This error can come back at another moment. In that case, just follow the same procedure again.

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