security on your ques

Default Dynamics AX 2012 has a inhabit with cues on role centers. Would it not be great if on cue group with all cues needed for the business in it will fulfill on al role centers. In case you don’t have the rights on that cue, it will disappear? I think you like that.   Ques have security, but it is ignored in case used in que groups. (bug or missing feature?) From maintenance point of view live gets also easy. default ques for all my employees.

I dig into this issue and added 3 lines of code in default AX and it did the trick


how to configure it :

  1. create a cue Group in the AOT/Parts/Cue Groups
  2. drag all ques needed for the customer in that cue
  3. check if the que has a menu item that also has privileges
  4. incremental CIL compile
  5. add a cue object on the role center that needs ques. Set on properties of this que the que group name like you created.
  6. import the role center page bag into the AOT (SharePoint file , right mouse import page)
  7. mission accomplished.

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