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“She stood in the storm when the wind did not blow her away. She adjusted her sails.” (E.E.)

Broad experience, huge support and hardworking has led to great success by establishing our company in a foreign country. This required concentration, observation, analysis, patience and decisiveness.  15 years of expertise within ERP systems and working for an open-minded company were the right ingredients to establish Kaya Consulting Turkey.

By analyzing and observing the Turkish market and meeting the right partners gave me the opportunity and certainty to invest in a company in economical developing country as Turkey. Due to the fact that I have Turkish roots there were no cultural obstacles for me to take the lead in establishing a company, in fact Turkish partners prefer to do business with native speaking partners. Still there were some things that you have to get “use”, but overall the whole process of setting up a company went rather smooth. Within a few weeks I was ready to start working and was able to provide partners with our services throughout Turkey and Europe! The moment suprême came when the approval of my request: Kaya System B V Danismalik Ticaret, sanayi Ltd. Şti.(formal name) of the ticaret odası (chamber of commerce) was accepted. I now am director of Kaya Consulting Turkey. (unformal name). My ambition came true.

Kaya Consulting Turkey provides more than just consultancy services. We also provide Dynamics AX courses in the Turkish language to a variety of customers. These courses also offer me the opportunity to become acquainted with the Turkish AX community and it is a good way to introduce Kaya Consultingto the Turkish Dynamics AX community. Characterizing our company as dynamic and innovative is our main goal. Therefore it is of great importance that we offer training courses based on innovations of the new technology. We distinguish ourself with our international team of experienced Dynamics AX people. With this in mind Kaya Consulting Turkey will establish herself as a good partner and bring your business to a higher level.

Thank you for reading my blog and maybe see you in Istanbul!

Banu Salbacak

Managing Director

Kaya System BV Danismalik Ticaret, sanayi Ltd. Şti.


Kaya Consulting Turkiye



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