How we saved an international retailer from bankruptcy! Part 2

So let’s recap… Previously on “the walking dead”

  • You are clueless about where your items are, orders are not received on time or at all, vendors are not fulfilling their whole purchase order, nor do they deliver on time. The multi-million-dollar system you just bought gives inaccurate forecast and your in house made point of sale system can’t process items that are not on stock in your store and so on… Click here if you missed the first part of my blog.


How the Mobile Device capacity in AX2012 R3 fixed these problems

The next step was to ease up on all the regulations implemented and we disabled some automated functionalities and we gave some control back to the people on the floor. In practice we created a few simple apps using Microsoft Dynamics AX mobile device capacity:

  • First priority: Count the warehouse. This should be simple: scan the location, scan the item, enter quantity. The catch here is that in AX we created an algorithm that dealt with ‘item and stock status’ or ‘items not or already present on location”. Once ready it took us one weekend to count all warehouses and all stores.


  • Second priority: Give some control back to the people on the floor. If AX doesn’t know measurements of locations or items, or if vendors don’t deliver according to what they promise, then you have to be flexible. There is no way AX can tell you were to put the item based on wrong or none existing data. So let the warehouse employee decide were to put the item. This app should be as simple as scan the item, scan the “from location”, scan the location where the items should be placed and enter the quantity. Once again AX will take care of possible issues. Once ready, we cleared the inbound dock and were able to move items around within the warehouse.


  • Third priority: Create crossdock functionality. Since most or part of the items were to be send right away to the stores it would be very beneficial to create crossdock functionality. With a small modification within AX it was easy to identify the items delivered and were meant for crossdock to supply the shops and meant for the webshop.


  • Fourth priority: Create outbound functionality from the general warehouse and receive functionality in the stores. This one was tricky. Not so much what the functionality should do but simply because there was no AX and Wifi available in the stores. And this is why I love working at Kaya Consulting, we have a team available for just that issue! So we created a mobile app using windows phone and the 4G network and that matched the outbound license plates functionality with what is scanned in the stores.

Today, the AX issue backlog is clear. The system is upgraded to the latest CU and we’re still busy, but now we are implementing all those cool features that the company have on their bucket list.

And yes, I’m bored again. So if you have a mission impossible for me. Do give me a call!


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