How to save 1 MILLION on your AX system

In my latest blog I showed you the options you have when it comes to updating your AX system. If you haven’t read that one yet check it out here. In this blog we will focus on the Stable Evergreen situation. This is the environment where you have an AX system that is customized to your business requirement. Once this system is delivered you decide not to do any updates whatsoever because you are content with your system right now and why change a winning team, right?


How to decide if you could use a Stable Evergreen

How to save ONE MILLION on your AX system- Kaya Consulting blog


It is best do decide whether or not you want a stable evergreen system as early as possible, preferably before the development of your new system. Base your decision on your future plans. Are new projects coming up? Are there going to be big changes in the coming years? If the next few years seem to be steady and you see no major changes coming up, a Stable Evergreen might be the right choice for you because it can save you a lot of time and money.


Saving a Million on your AX system

A simple calculation shows that someone, who was an AX starter at Rel2009’s introduction, spent on average €1.305.000 on keeping the system up to date. This amount contains 9 CU’s and 1 major update + all the costs of implementing etc (calculation can be provided upon request).

But what if you hadn’t spent that money on updating? What if you would’ve just kept that first system operational? You would’ve saved €1.305.000 and still have a system that operates to your satisfaction. No, you don’t have that brand new and fancy system but it works right? That’s all that matters. Besides, because there were no major changes you could’ve documented every requirement. You know everything about the system so you know exactly what you want for when it is time to finally get a new system. Also, the money you saved in those years can now be used to implement that new AX system completely adjusted to your new needs and wishes.

One of the other advantages of not updating your system is that for your employees nothing changes. No new buttons, no new options. So they get used to it and learn how to use it as efficient as possible, without having to worry if they are doing it right.

Eventually not updating your system has a lot of advantages. It is not for every company. But please, next time you are planning on getting a new system think about this and you might do yourself a huge favor. Do you really need those updates? Feel free to contact us for more information.


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