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This story is a combination of different experiences and not descriptive of any recruiter

My mobile phone is ringing. The number is from the UK.  I pick up the phone.

Before I can even say my name someone starts talking on the other side: “Hello My name is ‘what Ever’, I call you for a brilliant opportunity. Our customer is a gold partner (or things like ‘customer is in the top 100 list’”.  You try to interrupt. People, who know me, know I can interrupt but even with my social skills (read skills of a technical thinking person), I can’t interrupt.

After 3 minutes the flow of voice audio in my ear stops. I would not dare to ask for a repeat, like “I could not follow you” because, I’m afraid to get the same, rehearsed, audio noise. But I’m in a jolly mood. So I ask, who she want to talk to? She says: “I thought I already spoke to Dick Wenning”. So I acknowledge that is the case.   She continues on her “bla bla whatever”. I am starting to get a clue on the needs of her customer. So I ask her, why she think, I fit the need of her customer? She is quiet for an entire 5 seconds (can you believe it?) I interrupt the silence and explain I’m working on AX and not CRM; beside that I’m developer and not a consultant.  After my explanation no silence occurs but an immediate response like: “I think I have something that you like and need, please send me your CV”.  I think to myself: “I was not aware that I need something, but let’s continue the role play”. I told her that I have to think on her brilliant offer and we could meanwhile connect with Linkedin. She agrees.

I have read her contacts on LinkedIn with great interest. There were a lot of interesting people in it. We even hired some of them.  So in case you need colleagues. Just listen to the story of the recruiter and get connected on Linkedin.

For the record, I understand companies using recruiters, but developers or consultants should know better. In case you are developer or consultant or developer and live in the Netherlands. You can mail/phone me and I will explain.

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