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Tomorrow the office of Kaya Consulting will be filled with cameras, film crew and directors. Where is Kaya Consulting up to? A corporate video will be made!

Once the idea was born to introduce a company film about Kaya. This summer Kaya made the idea a fact and the corporate video became a reality. Tomorrow the recordings of this small movie will be done. Weeks of preparation have passed by and now the moment is there that the recordings will taken.

The program #Ondernemerszaken introduces every week a different company from another industry to speak about near- and offshoring.Near- and offshoring is then also the subject of the program for the upcoming four, five weeks.

In the corporate video it will be explained how Kaya does her business through a lot of countries and what the advantages and disadvantages are of doing business in these foreign countries. Except this explanation a visualization of these operations, by the use of a world map and some Lego bricks, will be shown. Some viewings of our office and working location will be included as well.

Became interested? The movie will be broadcasted in the week of 11-15th of November at the Dutch channel #rtlZ. For our foreign interested people, the movie will be announced on Kaya Consulting’s YouTube channel.

Broadcasting times:

11-11-2013   13.20 uur
12-11-2013   14.20 uur
13-11-2013   16.20 uur
14-11-2013   10.20 uur
15-11-2013   11.20 uur

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