Omni Channel integration

Kaya Consulting created an out-of-the-box solution for the integration of all possible retail channels for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprises.

Omni Channel Integration

Kaya Consulting created an out-of-the-box solution for the integration of all possible retail channels for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprises. Often companies are confronted with the issue of integration multiple retail channels; some of them are legacy POS systems, some of them modern e-commerce sites. Our solutions enables the integration of both the legacy systems in parallel with new modern POS, e-commerce, call centers etc with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for enterprises.

omni chanel integartion


The announcement of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprises in the cloud, and the ability to customize the solution as you please sound almost like a contradiction. In general, a continuous build and integration system of the core application in the cloud is not intended to just enable for customization by partners and customers. However, customization by partners and customers has always been a key element of the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment. The latest information shows that it will still be possible to customize, but differently. Significant changes have been introduced to the development experience, extensions are promoted and will be the only way forward in the future. Integrating your omni-channel requires access to the Retail SDK.

implementation and rollout

Extension – No changes to the Core

Kaya has developed an extension, available for partners and customers, to integrate all retail channels into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprises without the need to change the core application. Integrating your omni-channel can now simply be done by using the Kaya omni-channel extension only. The value for customers is obvious, since the work is isolated from the core application and testing only concerns the integration service for the new channel.


How it works

The basic idea was to simulate the existing POS integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprises and create a sustainable solution. The picture below will highlight the process flow. BizTalk receives the message from the Native POS systems. The message is standardized and added to the Azure Service Bus. For correct standardization, additional meta data can be added from Microsoft Dynamics 365. The messages are consumed by a dedicated, created Batch in Azure Service Bus. The messages are sent to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail SDK. The results are placed in the response queue and from this point the processing of the Retail Database is native Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionality.

Kaya Enterprise Application Integration

The omni-channel-integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprises is only one of the products of the Kaya EAI Team. Since the early years working with the product, integration has been a standard component of an implementation at customers. The introduction of cloud computing, new mobile front-end tools and playing a role in enterprise-wide implementations, brings more opportunities for the Kaya EAI Team.
The main difference of working at Kaya is that the solutions are architected from the start, which give customers the benefit of already working solutions instead of one-off customizations.