Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 R3 Exam Preparation days

Last week Kaya Consulting delivered AX 2012 R3 certification preparation training in Sweden. The training was followed by over 30 students from all the partners in Sweden.

The topics covered where:

  • Development Introduction
  • Finance.
  • Logistics.

The trainers were Dick Wenning and Stefan van den Brink and they received good feedback;

  • From Partners; 1 day to help their employees pass the exam is greatly appreciated
  • The trainers were very knowledgeable and very experienced and with that able to answer all sorts of questions

Comments about the exams:

  • Checks functionality covers more than 10% of the exam. Checks are not used in Sweden and most European countries anymore. Luckily Stefan van den Brink has done finance implementation in the US and Canada so he was able to teach the content and speak from experience. Other than Stefan there are no other European MCT’s with experience about Checks.
  • Security has become even more important on the development Introduction exam. You must fully understand security policies.

There is no guaranteed passing. Some students didn’t take enough time studying. From the 30+ students 4 students failed to pass the exams.

The agenda for the day was:

  • Telling about the certification process
  • Refresh about the most asked topics in the Exam (e.g. Checks, Budgets, BOM, etc.)
  • Mock Questions
  • Certification
  • After Cert drinks in a trendy bar in Sweden.

Malin (PTS Microsoft), many thanks for making this event possible!

  1. newton greyJuly 31, 2015   

    Where do you get the training from to be able to take the exam?
    Online company, In class.
    I visit the MS AX customer site, do the IT academy, but find it lacking for my learning attributes.
    I need in class or videos how to.
    Your blog has renewed my interests

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