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Lean Consulting is an attitude, an approach, and an implementation methodology that eliminates nonvalue-add activities in a software implementation, reimplementation, or release upgrade. It empowers the client to control the cost of their software project by economically guiding them toward self-sufficiency and ownership of their ERP system.

One of the most important characteristics of a Lean Consulting team is that it is smaller. At times, a niche specialist may be required to implement a certain complex application, but the Lean Consultant will have a greater breadth and depth of application knowledge. With the breadth of knowledge Lean Consultants have, fewer consultants are needed. A smaller, more knowledgeable team is more efficient. Like familiarity, having fewer consultants reduces communication errors and redundancy, translating directly to savings.

Lean Consulting starts with a highly interactive consulting team. Each member of the lean team is selected for their strengths from a larger roster in order to meet the unique challenges of a project. But the roster from which they are chosen must be small enough that the team members have all worked together on many implementations. Familiarity is the very foundation of any team. A team that has worked together many times before has reduced communication errors and they trust each other’s strengths, thereby eliminating redundant analysis.

Another crucial characteristic of a Lean Consulting team is experience. Lean Consulting is all about cutting out the waste to make the process more efficient, and in the world of consulting, time really is money. The more time a consultant spends learning on the job, whether it’s learning about the client’s industry, or figuring out how to implement an obscure piece of the functionality, the more money is wasted. In Lean Consulting, the learning curve is reduced to a minimum. Lean Consultants have 8 to 15 years of experience with the software platform, so they know how to implement it. They have diverse industry experience, so that they can bring best business practices to every implementation without learning on the job. The deep knowledge and understanding of the software that each Lean Consultant has is invaluable when implementing something as robust as an ERP system.

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