Kaya goes back to school

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Kaya goes back to school

back to school

Last Tuesday 3 December, it was my absolute pleasure and privilege to be invited to participate in an ERP discussion panel at the Faculty of ICT at the University of Malta. Sitting with me on the panel were 3 other distinguished names from the Maltese IT industry. These were Stephen Abela, Head of Dynamics at Crimsonwing Malta; Colin German, Business Development Manager at PTL, and Joe Aquilina, Business Development Director at Information Systems Limited.


This event was organised by faculty lecturers Conrad Attard and Peter Xuereb, whom I thank for inviting me, with the aim of bringing students closer to the industry. The students were given the opportunity to ask us panel members questions about our experience of working in the ERP industries. Some of the questions asked included: What are the main challenges one faces when implementing an ERP system? What are the main reasons behind the very high numbers of failed ERP implementations? How do you strike a balance between customising a system to fit the customer’s business processes and changing the customer’s processes to fit the product? What tips can you give to someone who is considering a career in ERPs?


I was feeling quite nostalgic recalling my days spent on the same desks (or a slightly older version) a few years ago. At the same time I remembered how we never had any events like these during my days as a student and my first insight into the industry only came when I joined it as a young inexperienced, and highly unprepared, worker. With this thought in mind, I was even more determined to answer all the questions as best as I could and to share my experience with the students.


I have to say that the level of interest and engagement shown by the students left all of us panel members quite impressed. If this is a preview of the new blood that will be joining our industry in years to come then we are in for good times indeed!


Ernest Baldacchino

Kaya Consulting Malta

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