Integration Services

Kaya Consulting; your go-to partner for integration of add-on modules, using extensions, best of breed systems, BizTalk and interface development.

Integration Services

Integration of all parts of the business solution is a standard activity of a project, whether we like or not. To execute the projects at the best Kaya have developed practical extensions to make life easier and the solution better maintained.

Too often integration of solutions is an under-estimated part of the project. The happy flow is quite fast established but the hard part are the exceptions, technically and functionally.

Armed with this knowledge, Kaya is executing the projects. Based on a realistic planning, especially for testing and with a sharp eye for separating one-off integrations and business critical situations.

In more complex situations we might have to deal with corporate master data management. Also in these cases Kaya will pick the ‘best-route-to-run’ giving the situation. Please also check our solution: Data Validation Framework