Finance Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics has a financial reporting capabilities. With the tool you are able to; creating and modifying financial reports, use Default reports, set Duties, Privileges and Roles and Access user defined financial reporting. To get the most out of the financial reporting, the financial modules of Dynamics 365 for Enterprises has to be setup correctly. Kaya Consulting has extensive knowledge in setting up Budgetting, Consolidation, Cash Flow, Chart of Account definitions & categories, Dimension hierarchies etc.

Contact us to discuss your financial reporting needs and we together we can determine the best solution.

Financial Business Analytics

Are you getting the answers you need about financial performance? Power BI makes it easy by collecting the data from every source, external and on-premises, and giving you drag-and-drop visualization tools to quickly analyze and explore your insights. Contact us now to help you create your needed financial dashboards. Power BI delivers the following out of the box standard reports. Kaya consulting can help you implement these, tweak them where needed. Of course we can also create any custom required financial dashboard:

Financial Performance

Get the full picture across different data sources in seconds.

See all of your data in a single view, from summary statements to account-level details

Click to drill down into specific regions or segments

Make decisions faster with real-time updates

Revenue & Profitability

Deliver answers fast with executive-level financial dashboards.

React quickly to the latest revenue data with on-demand reports

Mash up data to identify variances

Forecast with enough time to course correct when necessary

Capex Management

Free up time for strategic analysis, no more hunting for data.

Detect unexpected cost increases earlier with real-time updates

React quickly to changes and enable corrective action

Share reports out to the right teams in just a few clicks

implementation and rollout

Expense Management

A single-pane view of your financials, all data in a single model.

Detect expense outliers and anomalies early with intuitive visualizations

Analyze trends and patterns to proactively search for indications of fraud and abuse

Ensure that your data is always fresh with automatic updates

Custom made reports

Apart from the out of the box solutions we sometimes need to think out of the box and create a custom made solution. For all companies in the IFBS sector, having the right reports, in the right format on the right time is paramount. Kaya has implemented numerous Business Analytics solutions from easy deployable visualization tools like Power BI and reporting tools like Microsoft Financial Reporter, SSRS reports to building data-warehouses feeding Business Analytics tools.