Dynamics 365 LCS tricks – platform update 4 experience

As we all know Dynamics 365 has technically speaking 3 patch groups. We know the x++ updates and the binary updates. We have seen those in older version of Dynamics 365. The third group is called platform updates.

These platform updates in general contains binaries that are related to:
  • Application Object Server (AOS)
  • The data management framework
  • The reporting and business intelligence (BI) framework
  • Development tools
  • Analytics services

The available and supported version are shown here:

From technical point of view also have a look here:

For the long run have a look here:

The real live:

However, I want to share my experience from technical point of view. I shall be clear, it was horrible. Not only how it is working, but the devil is in the details. So, I will share the showstoppers so you don’t make the same mistakes:
  • There are already known KB numbers when you implement update 4
    o KB 4016079
     Issues upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Platform Update 4 after applying Platform maintenance package for 1611 release V2 for update 3.
  • What it is:
    o Ping pong on the Kernel numbers. The error occurs when the DB is synchronized, but there is not a real error, unless you consider the windows event viewer.
  • Solution
    update SQLSYSTEMVARIABLES set value = 141 where Parm = ‘SYSTABVERSION’
So, that one was solved, now let’s work on the local DEV VM.  We can do 2 scenarios
  • upgrade the existing VM
  • download the new update 4 VM from connect.

I carefully consider those 2 scenarios (at least I thought I did…). All code is in FSTO. Some existing DEV VM are like Frankenstein, already patched from RTM. Those were kept alive with windows rearm and had only 30 days left. The windows 2012 Hyper V server is running fine, but also running out of disk space. Those Dynamics 365 VM can run up to 127 Gb disk use, while only 100 GB is needed.


So, I chose the new DEV VM, and before distribute those set with administrative tools the disk size back to 100 GB. So, I will gain 20% disk store space for all those DEV VM

So, we started, throw away the old VM and start deploying the new DEV VM, and we were hit by another disaster

We have then hosted on a window 2012 Hyper V server and that was exactly the real killer. The new update 4 VM are running on window 2016. These VM Can’t be hosted on a Windows 2012 Hyper-V machine!
You must upgrade your Windows 2012  Hyper V host to Windows 2012 R2.

Upgrading you Windows Hyper V host, is not a just click next, next, next task, so what was left.
We downloaded the update 3 VM, put the disk size back to 100, rearmed them and installed the update 4 patch self on this VM. So, we have the prep update 4 VM running on not windows 2016, and we can distribute all DEV VM again.
As you understand, it was very nice weather outside here in The Netherlands. It apparently is the first week of spring, sadly enough I have not seen it, only heard about it. My wife and kids avoided me, because my passion for MS products dropped below their tolerance level, and maybe for me as well…


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