Data Validation Framework

The data validation framework is an add-on solution enabling you to set your business rules without making any modifications.

The add-on is available for Microsoft Dynamics AX2009, AX2012 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Data Validation Framework

We understand that business change, we also understand that business rules in one company have to be more strict than in others. We understand that there is not a one solution fits all. Therefor we have created an add-on allowing you to set your own business rules without the need of developers or consultants. Thus not only saving you time and money but more importantly you can apply “strict or loose” business rules allowing to adapt the ERP system just the way it fits your business. (factsheet)

The add-on allows you to set strict business rules:
– Fixed rules
– Apply mass data validation
– Improve your data quality
– Blocks processes if data is not up to par

Or set loose business rules
– Dynamic Rules
– Smooth processing more important than data quality


Enabling Digital Transformation

Microsoft Inspire 2017: “To enabling Digital transformation, the data estate is key! For the data fuels the intelligence. A system can only be as intelligence as the data over which it reasons. If you don’t start with the data estate, all you do, is make mistakes with greater confidence then ever before.”

Kaya Consulting’s advice: Don’t invest in digital transformation if there are no plans or tools to build a trusted data estate!

digital transformtaion


– Applies the rules per record (e.g. checks if all the fields you made mandatory are applied)
– Enforces normalization of your data (e.g. transforms data entered in a set format for example ALL CAPITALS)
– Checks dependencies (e.g. a field on a record can be made mandatory only if certain criteria applies)
– Works with import tools (e.g. the tool also works with Atlas XL, Dynamics Excel Add in, DIXF imports)
– Mass Data Validation (i.e. a rule can be applied on existing data where each record is validated)
– Works on all tables and fields, including the ones you have created yourself
– Use defaults (e.g. fields can be populated with default values, combine this with dependency rules and you have covered everything)


``The Data Validation Framework is a must have for each company running Microsoft Dynamics!The tool made it possible to implement a vanilla Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprises and still tweak the system to the way we work``

Rob Hendriks, IT-Director, Het Rijksmuseum.