Compliance & Regulatory services

Regulatory compliance has become a necessity for all businesses ranging from the Fortune 500 to the startup company. Regardless of a company’s size, auditors are looking to gain the same amount of confidence in reporting in order to certify to investors, employees and the public that the information they are relying upon is correct. Our solutions have been designed to accommodate the needs of both large and small organizations, delivering superior results and functionality while minimizing business disruption with a fast ROI.


Analyzing access, monitoring segregation of duties risks and target system changes are on-going challenges for complex, international ERP solutions like Dynamics AX.

Kaya Consulting has extensive knowledge and experience of implementing segregation of Duties in Microsoft Dynamics in profit and non-profit organizations. Using that knowledge we can provide you with audit templates and a segregation of duties rule matrix needed to implement your compliance rules in the most efficient way possible.



We can deliver a continues auditing tool that not only tracks all the access and changes but more importantly analysis and detects anomalies in behaviour and access attempts. Call us for more information on our continues auditing tool. See also our blog.

Role Based Security

Microsoft Dynamics uses role-based security. Role-based security is aligned with the structure of the business, and users are assigned to security roles based on their responsibilities in the organization and their participation in business processes, and access is granted to those security roles rather than to individual users. The administrator grants access to the duties that users in a role perform, not to the program elements that users must use.

Microsoft Dynamics ships with standard role based security templates. It can of course be that users have a hybrid of roles, or has unique or extra tasks apart from the assigned role, or simply has a role not pre-defined by Microsoft. Kaya consulting can help you with defining, changing and building any new roles necessary.

role based security