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Dynamics 365 LCS Tricks – Barcodes, Document Routing, FollowMe printing

This blog assists those who are struggling to set up some aspect of printing in D365 for Operations due to the limited documentation in circulation. We had 2 scenarios at our customer site: –        Barcode printing. –        FollowMe printing. Barcode printing Barcode printing is not meant to be complex, but when printing to screen or […]

Dynamics 365 LCS Tricks – install Knowledge Base (KB) article

LCS is the place for getting all the information from Microsoft related to your Dynamics 365 for Operations projects. This Web portal also allows you to get your MS fixes to your environment and knows which Knowledge Base (KB) articles have been applied. In the next image, for instance, we can see that there are […]

Dynamics 365 LCS tricks – restoring database

Microsoft supports the possibility to restore a database from Production to any azure database in your hosted environment. In case this database needs to be pushed to Production (go live) a special request must be sent.  In this article I will explain what to do for the local VM

Dynamics 365 LCS tricks – Fix your Retail Database

I have seen a lot off issue after applying new software or after restoring a database the retail database is not update anymore. To solve these issue I suggest you follow these steps, to get it all working. I always start looking if the connection string to the retail database is correct. Unfortunately, MS has […]

How we saved an international retailer from bankruptcy! Part 1

“So can you help us?”, asked the logistics director Let me summarize: You are not necessarily overstocked, but you are somewhat clueless about where your items are; maybe in this warehouse, maybe in another, maybe in transit or maybe in one of your many shops, even though you have one of the best barcode scanner […]

AX: How to enable the Contoso personas

When you deploy a machine with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX on Azure or download a virtual machine, the environment contains users with restricted rights. In previous versions of Dynamics AX you could directly use the Contoso users for your demonstrations to show what it looks like when a user has only certain roles assigned. […]

Microsoft Dynamics AX – Release to Web (RTW)

Congrats to the Microsoft Dynamics AX team. They had completed the Release to Web (RTW) version of Microsoft Dynamics AX last Monday. This version has build number 7.0.1265.3015 and has been made available for deployments now. A downloadable virtual machine (VM) will follow soon.

Consume JSON and azure bus the easy way

As we all know, communication these days is still changing. We might think that the whole world is Microsoft and .Net. Well last month I have seen again that this is not the case. We had a customer who had a website running on Linux and programmed in Java, which we had to integrate with […]

Microsoft Dynamics AX – Trial mode

In December 2015, Microsoft released the preview of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX. Partners and customers can now learn what the new cloud based version could bring you. You can deploy a cloud hosted environment from Lifecycle services. When this is complete you can start browsing and learning how to use the cloud based version of […]

Clean model store upgrade to CU 10

Feb 02, 2016 by Dick Wenning Category: AX2012, Uncategorized 2 comments Tags: AX2012

Clean model store upgrade to CU 10 We had a request from one of our customers running AX 2012 R3 to upgrade to CU10. There were already a few Knowledge Base articles (more than 50) installed in their current system. So what we did is to hook in on MS Dynamics Lifecycle Services and select […]