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Get in control with Sharepoint DB names

1        Introduction When installing SharePoint 2010 a lot of additional DB’s are created. This can be nasty from maintenance point of view, especially when a Central SQL server is used. Take a look at the next picture. This shows the worst case of DB naming.  If these DB are stored on a central DB, you […]

Install enterprise portal on SharePoint 2013

It is an exciting day! Someone from MS Redmond (THANKS JARED, you are my  hero of the day!) told me to request KB2830441. It is SharePoint 2013 integration. So I requested it like an ordinary Partner and slipstreamed it an AX 2012R2 Installation. Next I started a brand new Windows 2012 server (Hyper V), added […]

security on your ques

Default Dynamics AX 2012 has a inhabit with cues on role centers. Would it not be great if on cue group with all cues needed for the business in it will fulfill on al role centers. In case you don’t have the rights on that cue, it will disappear? I think you like that.   Ques […]