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Are those SLAs a Fool’s Bargain?

Alright, a question for you guys. Have you ever heard of a SLA (service level agreement)? It’s the thing you agree on with your implementing partner after they have successfully implemented your new system. If you’ve come so far, congratulations. You’ve probably managed to overcome a lot of hiccups along the way but you made […]

Top reasons why ERP implementations are successful

Internet is full with the same messaging “why ERP implementations fail”. Most bloggers simply explain the doom scenarios. Some are telling how you can prevent it by telling you that if you hire company XYZ things will be good because of the: Experience, Best People, Market knowledge, methodology etc. I would like to approach it […]

Lean consulting

Dec 01, 2015 by admin Category: Services, Uncategorized 0 comments Tags: lean consulting

Lean Consulting is an attitude, an approach, and an implementation methodology that eliminates nonvalue-add activities in a software implementation, reimplementation, or release upgrade. It empowers the client to control the cost of their software project by economically guiding them toward self-sufficiency and ownership of their ERP system. One of the most important characteristics of a […]