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Keep It Simple Stupid

If you google pictures with employees you see lots of smiling, handshaking, high-fiving, applauding and motivated people. It looks like they are enjoying what they are doing. Is this representing the reality of everyday life? Probably not.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Diagnostic Framework (Beta) tool

Today I have installed the Microsoft Dynamics AX Diagnostic Framework (Beta) tool and I would like to share my first impressions with you.  In simple terms it is a type of windows service, with a database and a web client. When installing the next prerequisite will pop up. I had to struggle a little with […]

Cluster index

These days we have the surrogate key in AX 2012. In general it is a recid Index that acts as primary and cluster index. Theoretically this looks perfect as long as we develop in the AX 2012 style. But there is a catch to it. First you may think this index can’t get fragmented. This […]

Performance Dashboard.

In previous posts, I told that we have started a new business. This new business is an ISV solution for Performance monitoring in Dynamics AX. The product is getting there. The first reference customers are starting; 10 AOS instances and way too many sales orders, Batches and AIF Message queues. Etc. Monitoring these kinds of […]