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Make your business grow

Kaya Consulting proudly presents the launch of Microsoft Power BI showcase for “Customer & Growth” advanced analytics solution.   Full set of solution contains over 20 analytics scenarios to choose, a wide set of business ready scenarios to cover the operational and strategic needs of different interest groups.   Companies own data from different data sources, […]

Conversion error in custom entity (AX 2012)

When Microsoft designed the Data Import Export Framework in AX2012 it provided some entities out of the box. In many scenarios you will be missing an entity. You can create your own entities in the development environment from scratch or you can use the wizard which will create the basic objects required for your new […]

Troubleshooting Data Import Export Framework

As promised in my previous blog post, I would write two blog posts with a summary from my presentation on the AXUG European Congress. In this post I will provide some tips related to troubleshooting Data Import Export Framework issues.

Tips about Data Import Export Framework performance

Last week I was a speaker on the first AXUG European Congress. This event took place on May 9 and 1o in Stuttgart. My session was about the Data Import Export Framework in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The subject was related to performance and troubleshooting. I decided to write a summary of the presentation in two […]

Sandbagging ERP implementations

Sandbagging ˈsan(d)baɡ’ / verb: deliberately underperform in a race or competition to gain an unfair advantage “You have the solution to this issue? So you were sandbagging us?”, the ERP manager said with a dark face while accusing me. “If you are open to an explanation, I can explain”, I offered, but sadly at that […]

How we saved an international retailer from bankruptcy! Part 2

So let’s recap… Previously on “the walking dead” You are clueless about where your items are, orders are not received on time or at all, vendors are not fulfilling their whole purchase order, nor do they deliver on time. The multi-million-dollar system you just bought gives inaccurate forecast and your in house made point of […]

My session on the AXUG European Congress 2016

I have not written a blog for some time. Not that I did not have anything to share, but I was burdened with a neck hernia. Now it seems like I’m recovering, I can start blogging again! For this time I will keep the content very light weighted.

How we saved an international retailer from bankruptcy! Part 1

“So can you help us?”, asked the logistics director Let me summarize: You are not necessarily overstocked, but you are somewhat clueless about where your items are; maybe in this warehouse, maybe in another, maybe in transit or maybe in one of your many shops, even though you have one of the best barcode scanner […]

Consume JSON and azure bus the easy way

As we all know, communication these days is still changing. We might think that the whole world is Microsoft and .Net. Well last month I have seen again that this is not the case. We had a customer who had a website running on Linux and programmed in Java, which we had to integrate with […]

Clean model store upgrade to CU 10

Feb 02, 2016 by Dick Wenning Category: AX2012, Uncategorized 2 comments Tags: AX2012

Clean model store upgrade to CU 10 We had a request from one of our customers running AX 2012 R3 to upgrade to CU10. There were already a few Knowledge Base articles (more than 50) installed in their current system. So what we did is to hook in on MS Dynamics Lifecycle Services and select […]