BI & Advanced Analytics for Manufacturing

Make your production predictive: find potential bottleneck and avoid them proactively. Internet of Things Analytics helps production managers to build a connected system where devices will automatically predict potential outcomes and control each other. Helps to set automatic actions for devices based on the predefined patterns. Workforce and Talent Analytics gives an insight how to improve workforce management processes by applying analytical techniques to company’s HR strategy.

Internet of Things Analytics (IoT)

Business Intelligence:
– Remotely monitor and control all the connected devices using a dashboard. This allows to easily detect any failures and take manual actions remotely if needed.

Advanced Analytics:
– Automatically detect patterns that may lead to failures (predictive maintenance). Resolve problems before they appear.
– Add sensors on your clients’ premises, define automatic actions if some devices need maintenance.
– Automatically optimize energy consumption. Turn heating, lights and ventilation on and off when appropriate.

BI & Advanced Analytics for Manufacturing

Workforce and Talent Analytics

Advanced Analytics:
– Track how workers move in the factory. Analyze the routes and optimize everyday processes.
– Analyze the total number of transactions and total quantity of each worker. Predict these numbers for next days and estimate how much the total number of all workers can fluctuate.
– Analyze productivity and cost-weighted productivity of the workers and whether it depends on weekday, month, age and other factors. Analyze what is common for more productive and less productive groups.

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