SQL Trace Flag for Dynamics Ax: Do we need it?

What is a SQL Trace Flag? A SQL Trace Flag is an indicator that changes the way the SQL engine reacts. Why would we want to that? Well because the DBA always knows best, uh well actually because the standard behavior of the SQL engine will not always give the best possible performance for a Dynamics […]

SQL Window Functions in Ax? Yes we can

Are SQL Window Functions new? Since 2003 in the SQL ANSI/ISO standard and extended in 2008. Microsoft implemented the first window functions in their SQL Server 2005 version (known as OVER clause) and extended them in the following versions. So to be short no they are not new for the ANSI/ISO standard and for Microsoft SQL Server window functions […]

Compression: Less storage AND improved performance

Let us have a look at SQL Compression, with this I mean Data compression not the backup compression which is also available in SQL Server nowadays. This feature can be implemented in SQL Server without affecting the programs that use the database, because it is only used inside of SQL Server and the way it […]

Index fragmentation effects on performance

Before jumping into index fragmentation I’ll first explain what indexes are and how they are used by the SQL Server Engine. I tried to compare it to a real world way of searching data, to paint a clear picture in your head. I’m not going into the differences between clustered and non-clustered indexes as that […]

Security Development Tool – Part 7

After reading the six posts about the Security Development Tool from André, I got excited about the tool and started using it on a regular basis. It proved to be a powerful tool which cut down development time quite a bit. Almost everything you need for security development is available. But there was one scenario […]

Missing index will cause slow performance: SQL can help you

Introduction As a new member of the Kaya family I feel the urge to introduce myself. Hi I’m Boye Walters, a 34 year old developer with over 12 year experience in Microsoft Dynamics Ax and Microsoft SQL Server. Having worked with all versions of Ax ever released in the Netherlands I can truthfully say that […]