Security: Past, current and future

When you read the title of this blog post you might think this post is about changes during the lifecycle of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Or maybe it is related to the security framework in older versions (AX 2009), the current version (AX 2012) or the new Microsoft Dynamics AX (aka ‘AX 7’). Well, it’s not. […]

Fix security labels in AX 2012

In several environments I have seen some wrong security role names or other artifacts. Then instead of the role name it will display a label ID. This post will inform you about how to solve this issue in your environment if you encounter a similar issue.

AX 2012 – Change fiscal calendar to a shifted year

Sometimes companies are in the need to change the fiscal book year to another start and end date. It is possible to change a fiscal calendar for legal entities in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. This post is a walkthrough to guide you through the steps to achieve the desired result.

Merging global address book records – Book details and promotion

Last week I published my first book on Microsoft Dynamics AX. This post will provide some details what to expect in this book, as well as a limited promotion offer. The book will explore details related to merging global address book records and managing duplicates. Functional tips are provided and also workarounds when the merge […]

Merging global address book records – AX 2012 book released

After working some months in my spare time it is now the moment to release my first book related to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: “AXploring Dynamics AX 2012: Merging global address book records”. The book will explore details related to merging global address book records and managing duplicates. Functional tips are provided and also workarounds […]

Manage the order of default dimensions on forms – AX 2012

When you setup dimensions and activate them using account structures in Microsoft Dynamics AX, the order of the fields on forms displaying the default dimensions is alphabetically on name. This post will inform you how to change the order without customizing your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment.

Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – Cumulative Update 9 (CU9) released

Microsoft released the new cumulative update for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, named Cumulative Update 9 (KB3063879). The version number of this release is 6.3.2000.326.

Conversion of values in Data import/export framework (DIXF)

During a conversion where I used the Data import export framework (DIXF), I encountered an issue with the substitution of values. The conversions are used if the source file has other codes compared to the setup in your AX environment. This post will tell you how the conversion of values is performed and how to solve […]

Rebuild balances in AX 2012 – Do you have a minute? Or more….

Compared to previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the implementation of balances has been redesigned in AX 2012 to improve performance. Updating the balances is working correct in many scenarios. However some scenarios will still cause wait times on the rebuild or update of the balances or even… database blocks. This post will inform you […]

Survey – Global Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX

The Microsoft Dynamics AX HCM team is investigating to enable payroll functionality for companies worldwide. Microsoft created a survey to find out which processes are performed within your organization or outsourced. Also they would like to know for what countries companies are considering having the functionality in house or still outsourced.