8 years being Dynamics Ax Developer trainer

Sep 28, 2012 by Dick Wenning Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

Ok here I am, looking at my glass of beer in a hotel in London.  Just a new week of business training for Dynamics AX developers.  It is only Development I and II yet the students think they can make it all! You look at their confidence and you think:  “When will there be their first ‘fuck up’”;  “Will they still be Dynamics AX developers after one year, or will they run back (screaming) to their old world”. Even when you told them that AX training acts like getting your driver’s license; when you get the license, you are ‘legally’ allowed to learn how to drive.

You tell them that they should hire developers with a lot of experience for the foundational development work of the implementation which later on junior developers can maintain and enrich the solution.

But after 8 year of teaching you know it will not happen, no matter what I say. They look at you and they think “not me…”.  

Microsoft asks us to review the training materials and give feedback, so they can improve.  All Microsoft Certified Trainers give feedback but I’m afraid that if Microsoft would embed all feedback the manuals would have doubled or even tripled in size.

Take for example AIF training. This is currently 3 day training, but should, in my opinion, be one week training. There are so many things you should consider even before you start an AIF implementation, like: should I use a query or write my own classes. The training material will not give you the answer.

Another example: Installation training is 3 days. When I teach; I ask: “Do you want a certificate or do you want to understand what it takes to do a good installation”. The students look at me with a sense like “the light is on, but nobody is home”….

I look at my glass of bear. It’s empty. Time for another one…

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