our add on solutions

As an Independend Software Vendor we focus on creating valuable horizontal Dynamics AX add-ons that will push your solution to the next level. Our add ons comes with a subscription or buy-option. Subscription periods, including deep dive advice on how to solve issues identified, range from 5 weeks to 27 weeks.

case studies

  • Halfords needed 50,000 outbound WCF messages per hour. After adding performance dashboard to their AX system, they were able to optimise the AOS batch servers to have a load of at least 70% CPU. This meant massive savings since they are now using only 2 optimized AOS batch servers instead of the initial 5 AOS batch servers.

  • NRF was experiencing slow response on hand terminals connected to Dynamics AX. After analysing SQL with the performance dashboard we created new indexes and also disabled unused indexes. We cleansed the system and now NRF has an efficient AX system together with responsive hand terminals.

  • Intratuin was having performance issues resulting in batches that did not finish in time. With performance dashboard, they managed to identify the cause as being a large number of sequences that were slowing the system. Now that the problem was identified, they could address the issue accordingly.