lean consulting

Lean Consulting is a team composed of well trained professionals, who have between 8 to 15 years of experience with the software platform. They have diverse industry experience and they can bring the best business practices to every implementation. The deep knowledge and understanding of the software that each Lean Consultant has is invaluable when implementing something as robust as an ERP system. Lean Consulting just makes sense. Elimination of nonvalue- add activities and personnel, along with streamlined processes and a role-based implementation methodology will reduce wasted time and money. It’s a model that can deliver implementations on budget and on time.


how do we approach projects

A Kaya Consulting project is executed in 3 phases: Strategy, Engagement and Usage. Throughout these three phases all steps are being monitored by using GAIM (Guided Application Implementation Method), which allows us to track progress throughout the project. With this approach we, in contrary to our competitors, offer a full package to our clients. Our competitors often just offer the phase Engagement and sometimes a quick version of the two other phases. Because of this they might miss the client’s true intentions, as to what the new ERP-system should look like. Thanks to the Strategy phase, Kaya is able to figure out exactly how your new ERP-system should be.

lean methodology facts